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 I am a self taught artist based in rural Hampshire.
I specialise in hand drawn portraits & acrylic paintings. I was shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year competition 2018 & 19 and Surrey Artist of the Year 2019.

I am passionate about conservation and spent many months volunteering with conservation projects in Africa and The Indiain Ocean. This was the inspiration for my African wildlife series!

I'm currently working on an equine series and a North American series.

All my artwork is packed and shipped in reused and recycled packaging, any plastic packaging has been collected and reused from local small businesses to minimize unnecessary waste.   

I love travelling and being out and about and I suppose it was my love of the outdoors that fed my creativity enough for me to pursue an artistic career!
Follow me on Instagram @abigailwickingart and facebook @abispetportraits for my latest work and updates! 

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