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My Plea

Our modern world has produced an unbelievable amount of plastic products, most of which are single use items like plastic bags, cups, straws, utensils, water bottles which are thrown away after just a single use! To use something once that takes a thousand years to degrade just doesn’t make sense. 

Don’t worry, this is not an attack on the every day person to guilt them into going no plastic or zero waste – because, let’s face it, that’s not very realistic!

I only ask you to see some of the beauty of the natural environment that I try to capture and realize its worth protecting. Now. Otherwise, the only scenes like these will be in the paintings.

You might think “Why bother”, “one person’s efforts aren’t going to make a difference”. I’m afraid you’re wrong.

Think about your travel or how much convenience plastic you use on a weekly basis – drive to the post office, pop to the shops, bottles of water, straws, plastic bags, the food you buy, your toothbrush and disposable razors – The things you can’t help. I’m not asking you to stop cleaning your teeth! Or to stop shaving!! Just think about how much this accumulates to over you’re entire life... That’s a lot. And its just one person...

So if one person can use less… What can we all do?

We can reuse plastic bags and bottles or take you’re own. Choose differently packaged food products. Look for alternatives such as bamboo toothbrushes. Walking or cycling short trips instead of driving for convenience. Using more public transport. By simply being aware of an issue and skipping or replacing some plastic items and lazy habits here and there we can make a difference. You are not alone.

And if you took the time to read all this, I’m really impressed! And thank you!

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